Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why I need this Key Fob

I hate shopping carts...hate them!  There is no rhyme or reason for my dislike of shopping carts, honestly, I wish I could justify this with some sort of concrete reasoning, but unfortunately I have none.  That being said, I also hate putting keys in my pants pocket, in my defense at least I have a reason for this. Somehow I find myself being stabbed with the keys at some point or another, and that my friends, is not a fun experience. I do however keep my keys in my messenger bag, but due to my hatred of shopping carts, find them difficult to find whilst carrying 20 bags of groceries.

By TracyDesigns
Why am I rambling on about all this you ask? Well, while perusing the Etsy aisles I came across TracyDesigns who not only makes amazing quilted items, such as hot pads and of course quilts, but also great wristlet key fobs. The key fobs are the best solution to my shop cart/key in pocket hating dilemma. Now I can easily keep my keys around my wrist and not have to start juggling grocery bags around like I'm in Cirque Du Soleil .

Tracy Designs has loads of key fobs to choose from, and even has some Awareness Wristlests, but my favorite one of all is the Black and White Barcode Wristlet Key Fob Keychain. It goes together well with my whole food shopping scenario, although I hope no one tries to scan my wrist in the checkout line :).  All of the key fobs in Tracy's store are handmade with the highest standards, so be sure to visit her shop and checkout all her great items, I guarantee you'll find something you like!

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  1. I have one of Tracy Designs key fobs, a few purses, coaster, and pot holders they have been some of the best investments EVER! No more frantically searching for my keys while in a rush or ugly pot holders. All of Tracy's pieces are hand made and sturdy, so they will not fall apart on you. I highly recommend Tracy Designs to everyone who wants QUALITY quilted items.