Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Item of the Day - Dahlia Whispers- Set of 3 Notecards

By RememberDecember 
If there is one thing I am always awed by is the amazing skill photographers have.  I notice that when I make treasuries on Etsy, if I don't pay attention, then most of the items I pick are prints.

These photographers are just so skilled at getting the perfect shot at the perfect angle that frankly my craft seems ordinary in comparison.

Today I was looking through the beautiful postcards at Etsy store owner RememberDecember, when I noticed these gorgeous notecards of a Dahlia flower. I am pretty much obsessed with nature and the beauty of it all so these photographs really grabbed my attention. These are great to send out to friends and family during the Holiday season, especially if they live in freezing cold areas and you want to make them crave the spring. Rude? Probably... but really not the issue here.

Anyway, be sure to check out all the other fantastic items at RememberDecember's store, the photographs are surreal!

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