Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Featured in a Treasury - WAITING for the first DROPS OF RAIN to come...

The Maude grey blue canvas messenger bag (aka purse) was just featured in a great treasury by Etsy seller TamTam Feng Shui Art.  The theme of this treasury was rain, or better still, waiting for the rain.  Living in Israel it can get a bit frustrating waiting for those first drops of rain, and this year we are still waiting, and worse yet, stuck in a bit of a heat wave.

But alas, those raindrops will eventually come, and until then, we can all enjoy the feeling with this gorgeous treasury.

TamTam Feng Shui Art sells some amazing items, including greeting cards and canvas prints. My favorite item from her store is Feng Shui Art No.1, Career, print on canvas, which by the way, is also available as a greeting card.  Be sure to check out the store for other great items and this fantastic treasury to see all the  featured items!

Item made by TamTam Feng Shui Art

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  1. I just discovered your great blog, with this wonderful supporting post in it !
    Thank you so much !
    Wish you a great CAREER !